Thursday, February 19, 2009

Orient WL FH04-CO

Just a few pictures of my Orient pilot watch. A review will come soon!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lately i'm having a crush on these watches...

This are the watches I'm pulling my trigger on, but the problem is: NO MONEY AT ALL!!!

Seiko SBDX001

Seiko SBDB001

Seiko SRP031K1

Seiko SKX007K-P

Seiko Orange Monster

MKII Sea Fighter

Stowa Prodiver

Baume & Mercier Capeland Diver
Ocean7 LM2


Monday, February 2, 2009

Next month: Hamilton X-Wind Limited edition!

Just introducing my next month's review: Hamilton X-Wind Limited edition.

Seiko Sportura SPC003

Today I'm going to review the Seiko Sportura SPC003. This watch was a gift for my 26th birthday and until now it had a lot of wrist time. It has a quartz movement, which I'm not very fond of, with a battery life of approximately 3-4 years. The reason I don't like quartz movement is basically because they are not planet friendly due to the batteries, and when this ones dies it's a hassle to change the battery, you know, go to the retailer, they have to send it to the technical service which they can spend 2-3 weeks to change the battery, and finally go again to the retailer.
But even though the drawback of the battery, I had this watch on my wishlist. Why? Because it's design. The case, dial and the leather strap are in perfect communion with each other. This watch look's fast. The dial represents the tachymetre of a car, where the minutes with a retrograde counter of the chronograph looks as it´s indicating the speed of a car. The seconds counter of the chrono are in the centre with a flashy orange and the centiseconds and miliseconds are in the subdial placed at 12 o'clock. You should see how smooth turns the hands of the centi-miliseconds when the chronograph is on, it's incredible.
The subdial placed at 9 o'clock represents the seconds at normal time. One more detail that I like is the bee nest pattern at the background of the dial, it makes the watch more racing!
You can also see that this watch attachs the band with the case by four CNC'd pieces that looks like if they were taken of a F1. One more detail that enhances the sporty character of this watch.
What I liked a lot about this watch is that it is very thin. I'm used to thick watches (G-Shock's and automatic watches) and it's more comfortable to wear thins watches than thick ones. There are few mechanical movements that are thin, and the ones that are their design is too classic for me, as far as I've seen.
I think I should mention another drawback that I didn't realized before I got it. The lume of this watch could be much better. Not for the material they use for the lume, but for how many markers has with lume. The markers that have lume are 1, 2, 4, 8, 9, 10 & 11 o'clock, not much in case you wake up in the middle of the night and you look at your watch to know what time is it. The last drawback I have realized is that it's not the easiest watch to read the time, it's fine but it's not the best.
In conclusion, I think that is a watch that sacrfices some of the watch lecture principles in favour of an attractive design. So, if you like the design and like quartz movements, go for it. By the way, it looks way better in flesh than in pictures. But if you prefer mechanical movements or don't like to change batteries every now and then but you like the design, better go to a retailer first and try out the watch, then decide.