Monday, September 15, 2008

Seiko 5 Sports SNZ391

Hi everyone!

This is my first and only 5 Sports series. What I love about this watch is it's simplicity and elegance, that is a lot to say for a watch that is rather affordable. It's a good day to day beater if you don't want to get extra scratches to your other watches from your collection that are way more expensive.

It has the 7S36 movement, an automatic movement with 23 jewels that is +/- 15 seconds per day of loss of accuracy. Not bad for an affordable watch.

The bezel is an element of this watch that I like pretty much, it only lacks of the lume in the start of the countdown marks. The numbers and the lines are machined on the bezel and painted with black. I prefer this than the entirely painted bezel as it can be worn off if you use it in outdoors activities.

The lume is as always in Seiko excelent. It can last all night after being exposed to a bright light or day light. It's legibility is perfect in yhe dark, I have to try it snorkeling to see how it can be read under water.The bracelet is the same design as I've seen in a Rolex model. It's not a flsahy design, but it's elegant and it feels comfortable.
The watch is very light despite it's made of stainless steel. This is because the watch is a medium size. I find it rather small for my wrist, but that's ok if you want a shy watch.
Lately this watch is having a lot of wrist time just because it's looks are elegant and as it is a cheap watch (and also as a Seiko, very reliable) it can take a beating without watching out too much.
The Seiko's 5 Sports are watches with an incredible relation between quality and price. So if you want to have an entry automatic watch, the Seiko 5 Sports are the ones to choose.