Monday, January 12, 2009

Citizen Promaster Aqualand JV0000-28E


Lately this watch has been on my wrist nearly all the time. I've been wearing it since the mailman deliver it, back in october '08. Although it had a great competitor to beat, the GW-9200 aka Riseman, which arrived to my collection nearly at the same time. I wear this watch for my day to day life, only swapping it for the GW-9200 when I go mountain biking or doing any other outdoor activity.

I love Citizen's attention to detail and their good quality products. Since a while ago, I had an automatic watch fever, but this Promaster model caught my attention and made me look with attention all the Citizen collection.

I'm looking forward to use this watch where it's meant to be, diving. Let's see if this summer I can go snorkeling in a good place such as Corsica or Sardegna. I'm really hoping to.

One of the many features that I like from this watch is it's lume (sorry, no picture of it) which is blue. I've read in some forums that the lume from Citizen doesn't last very long. In this watch the lume last all night. I don't know if my watch is an exception for this problem...

The digital display is great, it has a dot matrix which makes the numbers much nicer than the most common digital displays. It has an EL backlight which is reversed (the numbers and letters are the ones that get lightened).

In conclusion, it's one of my favourites for everyday wear, as it's stylish and also sporty enough for casual wear. It's a huge watch so those who have a small wrist might try it before purchase it.
The Eco-Drive it's supposed to be maintenence free for the rest of your life (let's see if that's true), so you don't have to worry at least for your watch.
I'm looking forward to post some pictures in the water when it gets hot here in Spain.