Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Casio G-Shock GL-160-3

The GL-160-3 was my third G-Shock. After 6 years with my unbeatable DW-6900 I thought it was time to make a change and let have a well earned rest to the DW-6900.
I made my way to a mall to see what new products had Casio released. And when I took a look at the G-Shock’s display I saw the GL-160. I felled in love immediately and I knew it had to be mine. What caught my eye was the polished stainless steel bezel which enhances the watch. The case and bracelet are like 2 in 1 made of blue jellyfish resin. The back case is protected by more resin, but in this part the material is more solid and is purple which matches very well with the blue jellyfish.

The bracelet has a nice detail with a lip and the end of the band so it won’t slip out of the ring easily. It has a feature that I love and not all G-Shock’s have, but personally, I find it’s a must. I’m talking about the illuminator button placed at 6 o’clock of the bezel. I think that they look more authentic with this button.

Ok, enough describing the watch itself, anyways, you can check it out yourselves with the pictures. Let’s talk about the different modes that has. Firstly we have the time mode, after pressing the mode button once you have the moon age and tide time interval, when you press it for the second time you have the time the sun rise’s and set’s, pressing again you have the count down timer, pressing once more the stopwatch appears and lastly 2 alarms, snooze and hourly signal.

At time mode, if you press the forward button, you can change the display view from the classical mode, which shows the time at the center with big numbers, at the top the date and at the bottom the day of the week, to the tide graph display, where at the center of the display appears the tide graph and on top there is the time with smaller numbers. You can see all that at the pictures.

I prefer this way to show the tide graph than the new Gulfman. It’s easier to read and you still have the time and date. The new Gulfman has the tide graph too small in my opinion, and it’s a very important feature if you are surfing, windsurfing or any other sport where the tide level is very important.

I’ve been using this watch while I was windsurfing with a friend. I always had the tide graph display switched on so we could know when they were going to be good waves.

With the reverse button in Time mode you can change the site. Pretty useful if you travel a lot.

The last thing I have to say about the display is the two tone colour display, which I find very cool. It helps you distinguish between the time and date. A feature that I now realize that I missed is the circular window that’s in the display. This window shows the lunar age.

Well, I think that’s all I can say about this incredible watch. I’ve been using it for 5 years more or less and I have changed once of battery, never had a problem with it and when I still take a look I like it as the first day I saw it.

Hope you enjoyed the review! See you soon.


Sjors said...

Hello Modest,

What great to see this model. I have it's little brother, the red GL-150. Instead of a round bezel, the bezel is more square. I very much like your GL-160.

Enjoy your G!


Modest said...

Hi Sjors!!

The GL-150 is also an awesome watch. By the time I purchased the GL-160 I just knew the existance of the G's that they sold just in Spain, and the GL-150 wasn't imported here in Spain, a pitty...

Best regards!


Jiku said...


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dorkinaut23 said...

I just purchased the jelly resin black version, GL-160-8. It is New Old Stock. Came in original box in plastic bag with tag just like it was new except there was dust on the box and the strap is a little stiff.

It's weird to think that the watch is 12 years old & that some people like you bought it and used it for several years and probably already stopped wearing it long before now, but it's like spanking new to me.