Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Casio Protrek PRG-40


Today I'm going to talk about the Casio Protrek PRG-40. It's a relatively old model of the Protrek's series, but I think that the design stands pretty well the pass of time.

If they asked me to choose a Protrek model above all, one of my candidates would be the PRG-40, but maybe it wouldn't be the winner, as it hasn't got the features that the newer Protrek's have, I'm talking about the tough solar and the atomic timekeeping.

The design I think that kicks ass, at first glance it looks like a G-Shock, but it isn't, but it can take some beatening up. The display has super big numbers and it shows the complete day and date and year, not many Casio's show them.

The design of the case is like it was thought by a character of Mad Max, with the green cover that runs from the light button through the compass, barometer and altimeter buttons.

I also like the colour combination, with the khaki green, grey, black and yellowish of the light button. It's kind of camouflage colours, except for the yellow, but it gives the colour touch. If it wasn't there, maybe the watch would look knd of dull.

One more feature that I like is the reverse backlight, where the numbers lightened instead of the backround. I find it cool and different.

As you can imagine by what you have read, I like a lot this watch, just a pitty about the tough solar, the atomic time keeping is a feature that I can live without, but to have a rechargeble battery makes me feel that the watch is more reliable.

Hope that you enjoyed this review and the pictures. See you soon!

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K Line said...

Classic Protrek watch you have ! It's cool for reverse light, an unique as usually reverse on LCD not the light /1