Wednesday, August 6, 2008

GW-225A Frogman Dawn Black


Recently I've been in Lanzarote to visit a friend of mine and also to do some windsurf, a sport that I'm getting little by little more addicted. You can see some pics at the right column.

I wanted to take with me two G-Shocks, the Frogman and the Gulfman Triple Crown of Surfing G-9100TC. But I finally decided to just carry with me the Frogman, I didn't want to warry about the other watch when I wasn't carrying it with me.

It was a great decision, as I gave as a gift to my friend the Gulfman G-9100-1. He is a windsurf freak, so this watch suits perfectly to him, the tide levels are very important in this sport.

The cool features of the Frogman are the Dive log, but I didn't use it as I wasn't scuba diving, the ID card, blood type and all the info that you can save in it's memory in case you suffer an accident and you aren't concious or something worse.

The Frogman worked flawlessly through the five days that we were windsurfing. Every day we sailed 3 hours as a minimum, and I can tell you that I have no complain about this watch. I could read the time perfectly meanwhile I was on board.

There was a matter that I was a little bit worried about. The clasp that closes the resin strap has a goldish finish as you can appreciate at the pictures. Normally they apply this gold by a bath of a material that looks like gold or by anodizing the material. Either of them are just superficial covers and if you do a scratch on it, the original material will appear, which makes it look much older than it is.

But surprisingly not a scratch, or at least, the gold bath stood any scratches that I made. I can assure you that I gave the watch quite a beating, but is new as the first day.

With all, I can say that the Frogman is a really tough G-Shock that can stand any rough treatment that you can give, plus the looks of the watch and even more the dawn black edition with the black and gold colour combination gives you a stylish look.

It's not the cheapest G-Shock, it's more, it's quite expensive comparing with it's brothers, but you will have an instant classic G that will make some heads turn around.

Hope that you enjoyed my review! See you!

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