Wednesday, August 13, 2008

G-9100TC Gulfman Triple Crown of Surfing

A few days ago Sjors from "G-Peopleland" and "50 Gs" posted in his blog a review of the G-9100 Gulfman. It's a great review were he describes and explains the features of the watch perfectly. I'm telling you this because I would like to show some pictures of my G-9100TC Gulfman, as Sjors has already done the review and the features are exactly the same, the only differences are aesthetical, I will add the link of his great review.

The Gulfman Triple Crown of Surfing is a limited edition watch conmemorating the surf competition with it's name. The main differences are the colour of the band and case which as you can see is this metallical light blue the back case, which the logo of the Triple Crown competition is engraved and some details of the display.

The colour chosen for this edition is... somehow special. For my taste is kind of mixed feelings, depending on how is my mood I like it or not. I'm keen on black with a touch of colour, but that blue suposes sometimes too much colour for me. Judge yourselves.

There are things that I would like to crticise. Firstly the strap is not the same colour of the band, it's a matte blue as the inner part of the band. A detail that Casio should have cared about. Secondly and also lastly, the manual should explain much better how to calculate the lunitidal interval, I'm already used to calculate this things as I've sailed for many years, but for a newbie it can be a pain in the ass to make it out.

I have to say that as always, G-Shocks look way better in real life that in pictures. Photographs are not able to show perfectly the delightness of it's shapes and angles. If you ever like a G-Shock in a picture, for sure that when you take a look in first person you will like it a lot more!

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